iNetDispatch Products & Solutions


iNetCAD is a next generation, multi-agency, Computer Aided Dispatch system designed to support the calltaking and dispatching functions within the demanding Public Safety environment. A seamless integration with ESRI ArcGIS mapping and an information-on-demand design approach provides for a clean looking, clutter-free application that helps to improve operator efficiency and reduce fatigue.

iNetCAD's flexibility allows for quick integration to specialized interfaces in addition to standard interfaces such as 911, Mobile Data, RMS etc.

iNet Public Safety's iNetCAD solution uniquely utilizes web based technologies and a multi-tier architecture to provide a sophisticated browser CAD solution. Remote calltaking and dispatch stations can be deployed and re-deployed on demand as the need arises providing agencies the flexibility to quickly adapt operation to the tasks and emergencies at hand.

 iNetCAD's scalability allows it to support operations from small to large sites. It's ease of deployment and minimal bandwidth requirements make it the perfect choice for agencies with operations at multiple locationsspanning regions, states and whole countries.



iNetMobile is a fully featured, map based, in-field mobile system capable of operation on laptops, tablets and smartphones. iNetMoble is fully integrated with iNetCAD providing the expected in-field capabilities such as full call detail display,location prior history, status changes, state & federal crime database checks, messaging, incident reports and many more. As with all iNet Public Safety products, our staff have taken the time to continually refine the screen design to yield a clean looking, clutter-free application that helps to improve operator efficiency and reduce fatigue.


iNetAVL (Fleet)

Built with the same technology as iNetCAD, iNetAVL provides agencies with an extremely easy to use, internet browser based AVL solution. iNetAVL supports the real-time, map based display and tracking of vehicles equipped with GPS transmitters.



iNetALI provide agencies with an affordable, browser based 911 call information display and call icon mapping system. This solution is a stepping stone to iNetCAD.