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April 2016

Fayette County Alabama 911 chooses iNetCAD for its 911 call centre.

December 2015

Taber Alberta goes live with iNetCAD and iNetMobile for its regional 911 centre.

October 2015

Wheatland Regional 911 Dispatch Center selects and goes live with iNetCAD in the cloud for its 911 Center.

September 2015

Virginia Department of Emergency Management uses iNetCAD in the cloud for the 10 day UCI international bike race event.

September 2015

Henrico Fire uses iNetCAD in the cloud for the Sept 24th NASCAR race.

August 2015

Bureau of Land Management uses iNetCAD & AVL for the 2015 Burning Man Event.

July 2015

EC911, goes live with iNetCAD.

July 2015

Island EMS goes live with the iNetCAD solution for EMS Dispatch in the province of PEI, Canada.

April 2015

Island EMS selects the iNetCAD & iNetMobile solution for EMS Dispatch for the province of PEI, Canada.

April 2015

Henrico County uses the iNet Public Safety Special Events cloud portal for incident management during April NASCAR race event. The overall solution consisted of iNetCAD stations with handheld Delorme GPS units and involved integration with the ESRI online portal. The timeframe from selection to live use was 3 days.

October 2014

EC911 call and regional dispatch centre, AB selects iNetCAD for its 911 Centre.

July 2014

Manchester, CT selects iNet Public Safety to update their 911 Center to iNetCAD & iNetMobile.

June 2014

Taber AB select iNet Public Safety's iNetCAD & iNetMobile for their Regional 911 System.

May 2014

The iNet Public Safety solution (70 CAD positions, AVL) goes live in Santo Domingo, the capitol city of the Dominican Republic. This is a busy site with the first month having sustained call volumes of 30,000 calls per day which eventually eased to the regular 13,000 calls per day.

October 2013

iNet Public Safety selected to outfit the country of Dominican Republic with the iNetCAD solution suite. Phase 1 is Santo Domingo (Pop. 3 Mill) Emergency Dispatch Center with 70 iNetCAD Calltaker & Dispatcher positions and 2000 AVL/GPS mobile units.

October 2013

Marion County goes live with iNet Public Safety and iNetCAD & iNetMobile

August 2013

Marion County, Alabama selects iNetCAD for their 911 call centre.

June 2013

U.S. Bureau of Land Management selects iNet Public Safety's iNetCAD solution for a 6 position CAD site with 80 AVL/GPS units.